Digital Marketing In Cambodia

Digital has become the norm, and we are living in a digital world. The accessibility of affordable Internet across various countries is changing how people live their lives digitally through smartphones adoption rates which will transform our society even more so than previous technological advancements have done before it!


Who are we?

44 years of experience

The impact is a team of local and foreign creative, technology enthusiastic and market-savvy professionals with over 44 years of combined marketing background and extensive knowledge of global and local marketing trends in Cambodia. 

12 years of operation

Our firm was founded in 2010, by a handful of passionate professionals with a vision to bring information directly to consumers on their daily activities.


What We Do?

Social media management

social media in cambodia

Social Media is often considered as a primary platform for marketing, and in a sense it is becoming more powerful, but we still think it is a satellite to the main core, they are merely “boosters” of the main vessel. 

Creative Content

Now this is the essence of marketing in the 21st century, where information is the fuel of this era. Having the ability and skill to create fresh, interesting and relevant content is the key to success in this time. 


No matter how beautiful your website may be, if no one sees it, you have just wasted time and money. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the science that helps website being visible and indexed by search engines. It is an exact recipe to make your site shine. SEM (Search Engine marketing) is the step beyond where you use marketing tools to make your site even more visible through paid advertising.  

Website Development

The website is the key component of any good digital marketing campaign, because it allows you to collect important information about your visitors. With Google analytics and Facebook Pixels, we can have a large palette of data, which can be used in turn to enable retargeted advertising 

Professional Photography

Providing photoshoots for your business is what we do. With our professional photographers, you will receive a unique and personalized service that suits your needs.

Graphic Design

Every design project is approached with dedication by our team of designers. Being a Cambodian company specializing in digital marketing, we have designed campaigns for reputable companies.

Email Marketing

Email marketing, and SMS marketing, is a quite powerful medium to convince your potential clients halfway down the funnel. I allows you to send a somewhat personalized message with additional information and data   

Our Clients