A Content Strategy for Marketing and Sales

Each time a potential customer learns about your business, and every time they make a purchase, the likelihood of making sales and turning a profit gradually diminishes. Some customers lose interest, some opt-out, and some choose another product. The marketing funnel shows the customer’s journey from discovering your business, the “awareness” stage, to purchasing your services, the “purchase” stage.

Marketing funnels help you figure out what your company needs to do at specific stages of the consumer journey to influence them. Optimum funnel optimization could lead to increased sales, more customer loyalty, and better brand awareness. As leads turn into customers, marketing funnels may distort and turn into marketing cylinders.

Marketing professionals use ToFu, MoFu, and BoFu to pace different stages of the marketing funnel where specific lead nurturing strategies are required. It stands for top-of-funnel, middle-of-funnel, and bottom-of-funnel, which are acronyms referring to the marketing funnel. 

  • Top Of Funnel (Generate Leads) – The widest part of a funnel. Here you can make your products or services known to a huge number of people. Each of them is a potential customer. ToFU is the awareness stage that includes blog posts, social media posts, infographics, multimedia, videos, podcasts, and newsletters…
  • Middle Of Funnel (Generate Prospects) – Many will drop off as they move through your funnel toward the narrower neck. At this stage of consideration are educational resources, webinars, surveys, downloads, and promotional materials.
  • Bottom Of Funnel (Generate Sales) – Very few leads will make it through to the bottom of the funnel and become customers. At the decision stage, we conduct case studies, demos, trials, consultations, customer stories, and events.


You must plan and organize your marketing strategies properly in order to achieve the right leads and serve your customers appropriately. They won’t make a purchase right away after seeing your advertisement. It is common for customers to weigh several factors before making a purchase. In order to optimize the conversion rate, we must understand the three stages of the sales funnel (ToFu, BoFu, and MoFu).