seo & sem


It’s a digital world, and your online identity is defined by how well you appear in search engine results. SEO unlocks the path to visibility for websites; it has all the necessary ingredients to make them stand out from competitors. But if that isn’t enough, SEM marketing tools can give sites an edge through strategic paid advertising campaigns – ensuring maximum reach. 

These 2 terms  (SEO & SEM) are too oftenly placed under the same category; hey we are even doing it here. But theyare actually 2 different activities usually ran by 2 different people. We we were to quickly summarize, we would say that SEO is the natural way of brining a site on the foreground of search engines, while SEM is really the “paid”  way to make this happen. At the end of the day, we want the site to be on the first page, so i guess this is where the combination of the 2 words cam in play.  

seo & sem

What is the cost for SEO

with Impact

First one needs to understand that SEO is a long term process: search engines do not immediately show the changes you made on your site overnight. It implies that we watch the site over a long period and make changes when necessary. That means, in order for us to run the SEO on your property, we need the full access and the full authority and autonomy to make whatever changes we deem important.  

(*) The first three months are payable at the beginning of the contract and the last invoice will be sent on the 9th month 

SEO Advisory

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$ 1,000

one time fee

Full SEO service

We take over your website ! We review every page, article, images and more. The price is for one Keyword and for WordPress based website. We will write articles for the blog too 

$ 450

per month for 12 months*

seo & sem

What is the cost for SEM

with Impact

SEM is therefore only the fact of promoting your site onto other platform (Search Engine Marketing). This will then guarantee your website on the front page on at least 3 to 5 keywords. This will in turn covert into a substantial number of visits on your site. These types of marketing actions fall into the “awareness program”  meaning it is useful when you want to propagate a brand (or in the case a website) onto the market

SEM Package 1

At least 60% of these funds will go directly into the paid marketing, the rest will be management and expertise fees of course  

$ 900

per month for 6 month

SEM Package 2

At least 60% of these funds will go directly into the paid marketing, the rest will be management and expertise fees of course  

$ 2,200

per month for 12 months