website development

Website Development

An effective digital marketing campaign hinges on a comprehensive website that collects vital details about customers. Through Google analytics and Facebook Pixels, businesses can glean an abundance of data to facilitate targeted advertising efforts for maximum engagement.


We chose this engine for three reasons: it encompasses a wide selection of add-ons and plug-ins, it is very well equipment for SEO and it is easier to hand-it over to the client, as many developers are comfortable with it.


Cloudflare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network), allowing a faster and more reliable way to connect the website and its audience on a worldwide level. For the most, we use the “free”  option, and ” paid”  for specific needs  

Digital Ocean

After having tested many hosting services, this is by far our preferred supplier. We have the access and ability to upgrade the server on a click of a button, without going through the sales or technical team. Very convenient. We have a server on Bangalore and one in Singapore    

Elementor Pro

This is an amazing page builder with many out-of-the-box features and widgets. And because it has become very popular over the past years, many developers are adding new plugins and add-ons on a daily basis. It has been proven very stable and reliable too.


We recently switched from Yoast SEO to MathRank, as we found the interface and the overall results more satisfactory on this app. It has also show great results in the past months, we have a few very high ranking website

WPForm Pro

WPForm is one the best Form Builder plugin. Their interface and page builder has not always been the best, but their are making regular and consistent progress over the last year and we like to stick with our suppliers…


We have the full license for all “crocoblocks” suite of products. This Ukranian-based solution developer have created an amazing and comprehensive series of add-ons with high capacity, which makes building databases a real breeze  

Pricing a website

The price really depends on what you are expecting your site to accomplish. Here a a base for your calculation…

These fees include the Domain Name, if you don’t have it. There will be a yearly fee for the Domain Name renewal, the hosting and the paid professional plugins around $600/year

Showcase Website

This is your standard website showcase. We count about 8 to 12 pages, mostly static. It comprises a contact form. This fee does not include the hosting. 

$ 1,000

one time fee

Monthly Retainer

Keep your website alive and kicking, with this monthly retainer, you don’t have to worry anymore, we take care of your website, update the plugins and run regular maintenance. This fee includes the website development 

$ 300

per month for 12 months*