E-commerce post Covid

Thank to the world wide pandemic, we witness a flow of shoppers buying online. And according to studies, they’re never coming back.

In the US last year, the Internet saw the arrival of nearly 40 million new users, about 70% of the population is now an online shopper, generating 30% of the year’s global online commerce. Moreover 80% think they will remain online customers. Worldwide the trend is similar at 75%.

Expectations have also risen, consumers now expect you (the business owner) to clearly understand their preferences and to provide a more personalized experience.

In 2021, investing in the digital market is critical. Below are 3 ways you can connect with online users and continue expanding.

1. Invest in your brand

More and more, companies, products and services are being discovered on a screen, whether social platform or internet. An estimated 30% of all online shoppers will purchase a product or service from an unfamiliar name, that they have just found on the web.

Competition is fierce, your brand need to build strong links and give visitors reasons to engage with you, such as you company’s core values. Consumers will be more willing to spend money on a business, that has values that match their own.

Establishing your brand will pay off in the long run. Sales and promotion can bring immediate cash, most of time, it is short lived. Companies that focus on brand awareness are also more durable. After the 2008 financial crisis, brand with a strong cognitive identity recovered almost 10 times faster than others

2. Invest in your own website and mobile app

Though third party online marketplaces can have a strong impact on your bottom line, creating your very own website or mobile apps will help build long-term relationships with your audience.

Visitors are more likely to engage with you directly:

Chatting or exchanging directly with the company reassures customers. Writing in their native tongue and responding and publishing reviews are two good examples.

Websites can showcase products in a more informative manner, as well as clearly stating the value-added service, warranty, and recommendations. Studies show that visitors will easily pay a 20% add-on for guarantee of a genuine product.

Mobile apps have an equally important impact. 80% of mobile users have at least one online shopping app already installed, and 3 out 4 are more likely to engage with you, through your apps. Usually app users want a full shopping experience, including reliable customer service, search functions, and “one-stop-shop” functionality.

3. Collecting customer data

With both a website and an app, you can dive deeper into your audience’s behavior and needs. With such insight, you can help you better target and retarget your next ad campaign, for a better ROI.

At Impact, we study to understand your audience and help you craft personalized messages to a narrowed-down audience, that best fit your product or services. To create a more impactful advertising campaign that means better business and more revenues for you.