Google Map Verification

Google Map Verification

Here in sunny Cambodia, it is sometimes a bit tricky to get your business verified on the Google platform. Verification of your business on Google Map is very important for your SEO, especially the review and rating aspect of the app. Those rating and reviews are a crucial part of the ranking strategy.

Also, once you are a verified business, you can link to your website, add new images, you can post new articles, answer any reviews you may have received. And lately you can even chat with your potential customers from your phone (that is pretty handy).

However, Google is predominantly using the good old snail mail, in the form of a Postcard bearing a pin number. This is of course to ensure the business exist and is located at the right location. In a world where the post office is diligent and possesses a fleet of couriers that delivers mails into the appropriate box, that could not be a problem to get your business online swiftly, but here in the Kingdom, we are not equipped with such service. Saying that, the Postal Office does receive mails and packages and will gladly call you when you are the recipient. The lucky recipient might I add, as you will need to have your phone number clearly stated on the package or envelop. Unfortunately the postcards from Google will not have that option. Just the name and phone number.

In same rare cases, you might be fortunate to find the option to get verified through an automated phone call or SMS. Those are clearly the best ways, as your business is instantly verified and you can start posting and making some changes right away. But let’s face it, it is becoming an exception…

Tips and tricks

If you have several businesses to verify, you could contact Google directly:

  • Gather them by group (by business)
  • Ensure all the data is correct and matches the data on the website
  • Take pictures onsite with your phone and geo localisation
  • Request a PIN for every single business
  • Prepare the dossier and contact Google
  • They should be able to bulk verify all your entities after a few mail exchanges

Another way is to use your friends to make suggestions, upload pictures and leave reviews. We have noticed that the verification process may be accelerated when the page is more active.