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From captivating content creation and social media management to stunning photo and video production, our agency offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored specifically for the hospitality industry. With our expert copywriting, we’ll ensure your brand’s voice shines through every piece of communication. And to top it off, we can create and manage your website, providing a seamless online presence. Trust our agency to be your one-stop solution, delivering exceptional results, enhancing customer engagement, and driving revenue growth. Partner with us and experience the power of comprehensive hospitality marketing.”


Who are we?

44 years of experience

With over 44 years of collective experience, Impact boasts a talented team of creative professionals who possess both technical expertise and an understanding for local markets. Our global reach coupled with our knowledge in Cambodian trends makes us uniquely positioned to develop innovative marketing solutions tailored to your business goals.

12 years of operation

In 2010, a small team of dedicated individuals embarked on an ambitious journey to provide users with timely and reliable information about their day-to-day activities. With that dream in mind, our firm was born.

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Social media

While Social Media has emerged as a driving force in marketing, it must still be seen as an auxiliary power source to the overall core strategy. These channels can provide valuable boosts of energy when needed but should not take away from the main engine that propels success.

Graphic Design

Our expert designers are highly dedicated to each and every design project. As a Cambodian company with extensive experience in digital marketing, we’ve made waves designing campaigns for some of the world’s most successful businesses.

Website Development

An effective digital marketing campaign hinges on a comprehensive website that collects vital details about customers. Through Google analytics and Facebook Pixels, businesses can glean an abundance of data to facilitate targeted advertising efforts for maximum engagement.

google search

It’s a digital world, and your online identity is defined by how well you appear in search engine results. SEO unlocks the path to visibility for websites; it has all the necessary ingredients to make them stand out from competitors. But if that isn’t enough, SEM marketing tools can give sites an edge through strategic paid advertising campaigns – ensuring maximum reach.

Email blast

Unlock the power of email and SMS marketing to reach prospective customer’s mid-funnel. With personalized messages that are tailored with relevant information, you can capitalize on this effective medium for maximum impact.

Photo & video

Get the photoshoot your business deserves! Our team of experienced photographers provide personalized and individualized service, so you can get creative shots tailored to fit what you need.

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