Early days

In the early era of SEO, understanding Search Engine Optimization, there was space of Keywords (KW). Meaning you could actually create a meta tag with keywords. At that time, Google and Yahoo were merely registering these words to define the page’s content.

Needless to explain that webmaster abused this method, by inserting long strings of keywords and phrases inside their page, regardless of its relevancy with the content of the page. And it worked, some pages ranked very high very quickly with this technique.

For some reason, the general public thinks that this is still a thing and continue requesting the insertion of keywords onto their website. But it’s not. Google has grown into a powerful intelligent machine that can read and understand your topic regardless of your effort to hide it.

SEO today

One of the aspect of SEO today, there are multiple integer, resides in the textual content. As said, Google is now perfectly able to read your content and decide if it is relevant to some web users, or not. Not only can it decipher the true essence of your page, but it will also look at the grammar, the vocabulary and the overall usage of the English language. Note that it can also read hundred more languages.

So, how do one insert keywords inside a page? Well, it’s all about write proper content and making sure your keywords appear in the text. The content should revolve around your designated keywords. Using bold (strong) text every so often and making sure the title and subtitle reflects such KW.

Search engine will then measure the density of usage within the text. Too low and it may not consider using them. Too high ratio and it will see this as spam, and downgrade you.

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