Mondulkiri is a hidden gem in the hills of Cambodia, with its lush forests and waterfalls that are an eastern region bordering Vietnam. The indigenous community here has been living alongside nature for centuries; they subsist on what is readily available from the rainforest, like fruit trees or rice paddies while also hunting wildlife when it comes by chance across their paths. More than this, the Mondulkiri region is considered one of Cambodia’s biggest successional woodlands due to the valuable minerals it contains. For that reason, those who choose to venture here will not be disappointed.

Awe-inspiring natural landscapes make Mondulkiri Province the perfect eco-tourism destination, and although this region remains a little off the beaten track, adventurers can enjoy some outstanding outdoor experiences there. People will feel closer to nature because of its vast areas of uninhabited green space, including the Phnum Perch Wildlife Sanctuary at its heart. 

The capital city, Sen Monorom, the most populated area of the province, has plenty to offer in the way of adventure and relaxation for your holidays. And it is one place you should visit while touring Cambodia, as access roads are still developing rapidly, making it an easy-to-reach destination. Let’s not forget the many delicious restaurants that wait to serve you. 

In this article we want to share some activities, the best places, and the local culture you should experience while on vacation in Mondulkiri.

While shorter treks take visitors through small villages and into the forest fringes, longer treks take them deep into the jungle past refreshing waterfalls where few visitors venture. Here are the best outdoor activities in Mondulkiri:

  • Bousra Waterfall 
  • Bousra Eco-Park 
  • Seima Protection Forest 
  • Dakdam Waterfall 
  • Romnea Waterfall
  • La Ang Khin Waterfall
  • Lak Pok Bras Waterfall
  • Rom El (Nam Lear) Stone Mountain
  • O’Plai River Pool
  • Pulung Waterfall
  • Phnom Doh Krormom

There are a lot of activities available for kids in Mondulkiri Province, including:

  • LEAF Cambodia Mondulkiri Elephant & Wildlife Sanctuary 
  • Elephant Community Project – Day Tours
  • Mayura Zipline at Waterfall…

Getting to know Mondulkiri – The Heaven on Earth

  • Mondulkiri Hilltribes

Their unique architecture and lifestyle reflect the distinct culture of the hill tribes in Mondulkiri. As they prefer to live in groups, three or four families share one home together. The diversity of ethnic minority villages makes a visit to any one of them an eye-opening experience.

  • Pahlung Village
  • Fishing at Mondulkiri
  • Memang Gold Mines Area
  • Pine Forests


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The resort will be built on 13 hectares of land and will feature luxury villas, hotels, and bungalows. There will also be a wide range of activities available, such as hiking, biking, fishing, and swimming. If that isn’t enough, there will be several restaurants on-site serving delicious local cuisine.

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