Goodbye to our previous logo. Our old logo did a really great job for our beginnings, but it is time for creativity to move on.

Zillion Trust Plc - old logo

We are happy to announce to you the launch of our new Zillion Trust Plc logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our company’s brand.

In the life of every company there comes a moment when you need to look closer at who you are or better who you’ve become and make that visible also for the others. That moment has come in for Zillion Trust, the designer team of Z1 Financial has been busy updating Zillion Trust’s visual identity to reflect what they are now and how the company is approaching many things today. 

The professional landscape has changed and evolved and it is time to adapt. In order to represent who we are now and to symbolize our dynamic future, we’ve changed our logo. The new logo we chose was a product of a lot of creative sessions. It has key elements that convey our mission and motivation for growth while remaining true to our longstanding reputation!

The “Two hands facing each other” design stands for a relationship, communication, and as a symbol of protection and insurance. The Colour “Navy Blue” stands for neutral, confidence, power, and authority. and the “Yellow” retains optimism, energy, joy, and happiness.

New Logo Announcement: Introducing Zillion Trust Plc new brand identity

Zillinnium has a strong presence in real estate, financial institutions, and other industries in Cambodia. Zillion Trust Plc is a member of Zillinnium, which includes several companies such as Realt Law Office, Z1 Financial, Z1 News, etc. in an association. We are Impact, We believe that smart Legal Teams & Firms need smart solutions from Zillion Trust. They are an independent trustee and fiduciary services company, regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) in Aug 2020 — focusing on Holding & managing Trust properties Safeguarding a collective investment scheme.

Furthermore, we are proud to introduce the Website to better represent themselves, technology, and presence in Cambodia: