Harmony Valley has been building new projects, especially on entertainment and lodging, to welcome the surge in tourism, and to attract local and international investors.

Forest Harmony, a part of the Harmony Valley community,  is the first-ever Luxury Holiday Villa in Kampot. It offers a real holiday lifestyle experience; all villas come with private swimming pools and some of the villas are built on the slope of the mountain with absolutely fantastic panoramic natural mountain views. 90% of this phase was sold during the first 9 months of the official launching. These luxury cottages are very attractive for modern families and a sound investment for the people in the know, this phase is the only one piece of the gigantic resort project. 

Rehabilitation and development of infrastructure reflect the high attention from Forest Harmony, And now we have road construction which is done 70% will improve the tourism sector through the growth of investment development and tourism growth, as well as ease of travel. 

After this road is completed, it will make Forest Harmony a potential resort for luxury cottages in tourism with a clean environment, attracting domestic and international visitors.