LOGO CONCEPT - SERIES II - Color & Font - Model A

Font : PT Serif Caption

Serif fonts are usually an elegant font well suited for financial and insurance institutions.

Colors are leaning toward the a subtle green tint with a splash of blue which recalls trust and professionalism


LOGO CONCEPT - SERIES II - Color & Font - Model B

Font : Baskerville

Another Serif font but with a stronger body and accentuated legs. Displays more strength and power

Colors are warm sand tints for a softer and more pleasant feeling. This is a very relaxing theme that can bring serenity to your audience.

LOGO CONCEPT - SERIES II - Color & Font - Model C

Font : Myriad

A first Sans-Serif font with a medium body. Easy to read and identify

Colors coffee with milk. Usually associated with restaurant and food industry, but could be a perceived as younger and more energetic, slightly off track. A theme that can set you apart from your competitor.

LOGO CONCEPT - SERIES II - Color & Font - Model D

Font : Sinhala

A light weight Sans Serif Font with pleasant curves and body

Color: green

A tint that aspires to remind us of the Green Dollar Bill (money) – the darker shade of green is also used by luxury brand when mixed with silver or gold.

A color for nature, growth and money

LOGO CONCEPT - SERIES II - Color & Font - Model E

Font : Augor

The funkiest font of them all. With it slanted shapes and angles it brings a touch of dynamism to the set.

Colors red orange

This is more aggressive and energetic color theme that adds a bit a passion into the mix. With its darker side, the brown reveals sustainability and longevity (like wood)

LOGO CONCEPT - SERIES II - Color & Font - Model F


A strong and bold font used by many advertisers as main header font. Easy to read, it display strength and power. 

Colors light blue.

Easily associated with the world of corporation the blue is the color of work, trust, intelligence and masculinity. 

It is common in your industry, hence no one will get offended but you may also be less recognized.

Additional Option

Inspired by the original logo with a contrasting color theme. This additional option offers 2 new colors with a fresh light blue color with a younger tone, in opposition with deep orange-red tone. The Blue should represent 75% of the overall, the white and orange keeping only 25%