A Trust is a legal relationship whereby someone (the trust creator) gives property to someone else known as the trustee to look after and uses it for the trust creator’s benefit, is a new sector under the control of the trust regulator. This new sector is a solution for foreigners, individuals, or companies who want to buy real estate legally through trust. A trust regulator is one of the solutions that allow foreigners to buy real estate in Cambodia legally and through this trust, we can stand as an owner representing an individual or a company to foreigners

Zillion Trust Plc is an independent trustee and fiduciary services company, regulated by the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC).  Zillion Trust Plc offers the following services: hold and manage the trust property, safeguard collective investment scheme & unit trust funds, and hold and apply family trust. Zillion Trust Plc was incorporated as a public limited company on 28 October 2019, obtained a trustee business license on 26 August 2020, and obtained registration as a Trust Regulator in the Securities Sector on June 14, 2022. The company’s operations in the area of trust regulator will contribute to the promotion of foreigners purchasing Cambodian real estate, as well as increase the inflow of investment capital to Cambodia. 

Zillennium Trust's registration as a trustee operator