Zillion United: a new player in town

The trading activity of the Zillennium Group has been in place since the birth of the company, back in 2018, in fact it was probably one of its core activities. People would come from various background to meet in a room at Parkway to invest in land, properties and real estate in general.

But in early 2021, only 2 years after its conception, trading was a vibrant and energizing business unit of the Zillennium conglomerate, under the management of Bong Rayanith, a stock exchange master, educated in France.

Not only did he boost this unit internally, we had to register the unit as its own entity, under the catchy name of Zillion United Co., Ltd. So on November 11, 2021, the Zillion United Company inaugurated their new offices, in the Samai Mall, in Tuol Kok.